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Stop Injury, Maximize Player Development and Improve Performance

•Learn the three step solution to take your soccer game to the next level.

•Understand the system that has been taught to soccer players, coaches and organizations around the world.

•Uncover the secret of how analyzing soccer movement can give you an edge over your opponents.

•Unleash the power of corrective exercises

•Determine the weakest link in your player development

All soccer players should have access to the same proven systems of professional athletes who train in expensive facilities at a fraction of the cost. We’ve taken the best system for preventing injuries and improving athlete performance developed at the University of Southern California by top researchers and used with professional athletes, and are bringing it to club soccer and high school programs.

Start the process to prevent 88% of non-contact soccer injuries by downloading your sample of “Prevent Soccer Injury.”

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Player Testing Capabilities

onfield copy

Fully Mobile

  • We come to you
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Mirrors your environment

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Digital Muscle Testing

  • Quantify your body asymmetries exactly
  • Obtain your strength values and compare
  • Uncover your weaknesses

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Doctors of Physical Therapy

  • Medical professionals
  • The highest level of care
  • More accurate results with advanced knowledge

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High Speed Video

  • Capture movement unseen by the naked eye
  • Change movement right when it happens
  • Visualize your body with software that measures your angles