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Whether you’re a soccer coach, player, parent or club director, you know that much of what you do comes down to player development. This book will help you understand the individualized needs of soccer players by bridging the gap between soccer and science. It outlines a proven system to promote player development, prevent injury and peak performance. The foundation for the system used in this book was developed by the top researchers at the #1 ranked Biokenisiology and Physical Therapy program at the University of Southern California.

This system was developed through frustration with non-contact and overuse injuries. Soccer players were getting hurt and told there was nothing they could have done to prevent it. We spent nine years educating ourselves to obtain our doctoral degrees and specialize in movement science to learn the reason why these injuries were occurring. We found the single most important reason why non-contact injury occurs.

We condensed our knowledge, research, and advice from the top collegiate soccer coaches in the country to create this book. This book consolidates preventing soccer injury into a simple three step process. Use this to take your game to the next level without getting hurt.


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