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Project Description

“If there is just one thing you can do to strengthen your athletic program as a whole, it would be to bring your coaches up to date on the latest medical research so that they can learn dynamic warm-up programs, muscle activation routines and targeted exercises to begin the injury prevention process.”

MS Injury Prevention Certification: Level 1

The overall objective of the “Movement Solutions Injury Prevention Certification: Level 1” is to educate coaches on the injury prevention process and give them the basic tools to keep athletes playing injury free. The four hour training session is taught by Doctors of Physical Therapy and addresses topics of:

• The facts about injuries
• What causes stress on the body
• The research behind injury prevention
• Sport specific dynamic team war-up
• The four steps to prevent 88% of injuries
• What to look for when testing athletes for injury risk
• The five types of training
• The power of movement re-education• Muscle activation exercises

The goal of the certification course is to empower the skills of the coach with a baseline level of knowledge and technical training.