Injury Prevention Clinics 2017-04-03T22:40:28+00:00

Project Description

“The injury prevention process begins with education. Doctors of Physical Therapy deliver fast-paced, highly interactive clinics to your team directly on your court or field.”

Injury Prevention Clinics: The goal of these clinics is to educate athletes and coaches on how to prevent injuries in an interactive and fun environment. The two hour training session is taught by Doctors of Physical Therapy.

Participants will learn:

• A sport specific warm-up program
• The difference between dynamic stretching and muscle activation
• Why static stretching before activity is dangerous
• How to activate muscles with resistance bands
• Sports specific injury prevention drills
• Ideal movement patterns to prevent the most common injuries

These clinics are a must for any team that is looking to stay injury free and win more games. All sessions can be scheduled on your court or field of practice.