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Project Description

Movement Misalignment Testing

Your body is like a machine. Think of a car’s alignment. If the alignment is off, there is wear and tear, poor performance and eventually, breakdown. Your body is no different. Studies show to prevent this breakdown and improve performance, you must see how your body is moving to correct the “misalignments”.

To do this, we come on field and use the latest technology that is used in research laboratories. For you, it is a quick and simple process where you perform common movements you do in soccer. We then take all this information, analyze it and compile personalized report we call your “Body Movement Blueprint”.

From this you will know how to move properly and be able to perform personalized exercises that fit your needs. This will help ensure you continue to play safe, strong and to the best of your ability.

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Fully Mobile

  • We come to you
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Mirrors your environment

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Digital Muscle Testing

  • Quantify your body asymmetries exactly
  • Obtain your strength values and compare
  • Uncover your weaknesses

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Doctors of Physical Therapy

  • Medical professionals
  • The highest level of care
  • More accurate results with advanced knowledge

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High Speed Video

  • Capture movement unseen by the naked eye
  • Change movement right when it happens
  • Visualize your body with software that measures your angles